Private Care Services

Here are just a few things MediNurse can do for you. Many of these services can be incorporated into your care plan, or you can request a service as you need it.

But don't stop there. If you have ideas that aren't on the list, talk to us. We can be very creative in coming up with ways to meet your needs, on your budget.

Doctor Visits

Accompany the client to the physician’s office and act as an advocate

Medication Setup Includes reordering medications
Medication Checks Call the home to make sure medications are taken each time due
Periodic Assessments A licensed nurse will do an assessment in the home and report any changes to the physician
Telephone Reassurance Call the home in the morning, afternoon and at bedtime to make sure everything is all right
Vacation or Business Trip Remain in the home while the family or caregivers are on vacation or traveling
Last-minute Assistance Provide backup care for a sick child or older adult so the client can go to work
Good Morning Service Assist with bath/shower and dressing; prepare breakfast and straighten kitchen; make or change bed
Good Morning Plus Extra services added to above, such as preparing lunch and putting it in refrigerator
Good Afternoon Service Prepare lunch or escort client out to lunch, spend afternoon indoors, visit an attraction, go to the movies, go shopping
Good Afternoon Plus Extra services added to above, such as preparing and serving dinner, assisting with preparation for bedtime
Dinnertime Service Prepare dinner; provide feeding assistance if indicated; after-dinner socialization; kitchen cleanup
Good Night Service Prepare client for bed, change clothes, provide snack (if appropriate), toileting, turn down bed and assist client in getting into bed
Good Night Plus Extra service added to above, such as assisting with bath/shower, changing bed, general straightening of environment
Housekeeping Services General household cleaning, laundry, seasonal or specialized cleaning tasks (closets, spring cleaning, etc.)
Hair, Nail and Personal Services In-home beautician or manicurist
Travel Companion/ Caregiver Service MediNurse companions and licensed caregivers are available to accompany clients on local, domestic and international trips
Escort for Outings Escort the client to the theater, church, events or social gatherings
Financial Services A CPA provides general accounting assistance such as paying bills or assisting with tax matters in the home
Shopping From groceries to gifts
Correspondence Write letters, address cards
Calls or Visits Visit or call to socialize and check on the client
Moving Assistance Packing and organizing assistance for household moves

Whether you are the caregiver, have someone in place, or you need us to supply assistance, we can provide any of the above services in addition to any care you have. And whether it's occasional assistance or regular care services, we're there for you.

Don't see what you need on the list? Call us. MediNurse has a long and strong history of doing the impossible. Let us tell you about it.


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