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Health Screenings

Health screenings provide employees with information that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and might be the only medical checkup they get all year. Results are interpreted within minutes and are provided to the employee. Counseling and informational handouts are provided.

A minimum of ten people is recommended for health screenings. We offer package pricing for combination screenings or subscriptions to regular screenings.

Basic health screenings include:

Blood Glucose Screening

Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., with $90 billion annually in direct medical cost, including complications such as stroke, heart and kidney disease and eye damage. There is an additional $40 billion annually in indirect cost, including loss of work and disability.

Blood Pressure Screening

Individuals having a consistent blood pressure greater than 140/90, or who have been told they are hypertensive, are at risk for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, arterial aneurysms and chronic renal failure. Even a moderate elevation of arterial pressure can lead to a shortened life expectancy.

Cholesterol Screening

High cholesterol is one of the main risk factors for coronary heart disease that can be controlled. It has also been related to other diseases such as vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s and cancer. A cholesterol screening consists of a 7 panel lipid study. A ten-year risk of coronary heart disease can be performed with this study for a nominal fee.


Do you want to know if your weight is putting your health at risk? Adverse health effects of a high body mass index are significant, with the most common being hypertension, but can include heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a general increased risk of death from all causes. MediNurse Corporate Health Services provides an easy and reliable way to determine your health risk by measuring weight, height and body mass index and comparing the results to recommended guidelines. It is recommended that this test be done annually.

Drug Testing

Pre-employment or random post-employment drug testing is available at your workplace during normal business hours or at one of our locations by appointment.



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