Specialty Signature Services

Managing care services for a loved one can be rather overwhelming. With our Specialty Signature Services, we offer all kinds of assistance, even when you hire a caregiver directly. We can:

Write a care plan for your caregiver to follow, specific to the needs of the person receiving the care.

Make unannounced supervisory visits to make sure your caregiver is doing what is supposed to be done, when and how it’s supposed to be done. You’ll receive both a verbal and written report from us.

Administer random or annual drug screening tests. Testing can be done in your home or our office.

Provide ongoing services to continually evaluate your caregiver’s ability to safely provide the care needed. Needs change with age and as a disease progresses. What was done before may not be what is needed today.

Teach caregivers and family members how to do procedures that are needed. Anyone who wants or needs to be involved can learn how to provide care safely with less risk to themselves.

Bridge any gaps you have in coverage if your caregiver is ill or needs to take a day off.

We also offer additional services that can provide assistance or relief for existing caregivers. Give us a call or browse through our list of services.

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